Banyan Work Health Solutions has merged with Disability Management Institute (DMI)! We'll be known as DMI going forward. Services currently offered by Banyan will continue to be offered, without interruption, through DMI, including rehabilitation and speciality services, and coaching and training.
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Training, Coaching & HR Development

Train-the-Trainer Philosophy

Training, Coaching, and Human Resources Development

The increasing complexity of disability claims and associated legislation highlights the need for ongoing leading-edge training and human resources development. With so much at stake, there are a number of key reasons for employers and insurers to choose Banyan to facilitate the training and development of their critical human resources.


Why Trainers from Banyan



More than 20 years of setting the benchmark for excellence in disability management has made Banyan the tried and tested partner of choice for many organizations. Our facilitators have been forerunners in pioneering methods of function-focused, outcome-oriented case management, and are passionate about transferring our collective knowledge to you.


Client Focus

Banyan provides timely solutions that are designed with the client in mind and customized for optimum results. Whether you prefer in-person, on-premise workshops, or technology-enabled programs, we have a solution that fits your needs. Choose from a wide range of standard or customized programs that are relevant and appropriate for your very specific context.



At Banyan, we believe that the benefits of training should endure long after our trainer has left. This is why we encourage you to investigate our Train-the-Trainer Program, which provides your in-house trainers with the skills, knowledge and tools to deliver solution-focused training that meets your unique needs on an ongoing basis.