Banyan Work Health Solutions has merged with Disability Management Institute (DMI)! We'll be known as DMI going forward. Services currently offered by Banyan will continue to be offered, without interruption, through DMI, including rehabilitation and speciality services, and coaching and training.
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A suite of software applications developed by leading authorities on best practises for return-to-work.



This easy-to-use, multi-faceted tool enables you to track and report all workplace absences and incidents that directly impact your bottom line.

Atworkpro has been developed to meet the needs of the majority of Canadian employers. Via a web portal set up on your intranet, you have the capability to effectively and efficiently manage, report, and track all absences. It includes both user-level access and roles based on permissions (i.e. Human Resources representative, supervisor, senior manager and/or delegate).

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Atworkpro has been built to meet most employers’ needs right out of the box. However, its flexibility allows customization for employers who have specific reporting and tracking needs related to their industry. Our goal is to leverage the enormous wealth of absence data we collect to provide our clients with ‘big picture’ insights into absence management programs, absence costs and trending analysis which show how our clients can improve results to meet their business needs.

Significant features of this portal are:

  • Online tracking of all periods of absence, both occupational and non-occupational
  • Supports legislative requirements across provinces
  • Autopopulates provincial Workers Compensation Board forms
  • Auto feed in Short Term Disability claim processing
  • Track other relevant industry-related incidents e.g. food poisoning
  • Produce standard and customized reports
  • Access library on absence management
  • Fully bilingual


Banyan AuditPro has been developed specifically for the disability management industry, yet can be applied to many insurance product lines in which claim audits are performed.  AuditPro is completely customizable and may be used to audit any process or environment in any field.

Whether you are a re-insurer, an insurer or a company running a self-insured scheme, AuditPro can help you manage the quality of your own work and that of others who are providing you with services.

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AuditPro is an advanced tool which has been designed to save you time and effort. It allows you to automatically load a population of sample claims to be audited. You can apply weightings to different factors in the claims process that you wish to measure. Then you can automatically produce your analysis.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive functionality to support claims auditing
  • Auto load of sample claims
  • Weighting of different elements of the claim process
  • Can customize to meet the needs of every type of audit, from insurance risk audits to qualitative review audits
  • Duplication feature enables quick & easy modifications of existing templates
  • Reporting feature provides instantaneous results
  • Fully bilingual
  • User friendly platform


This revolutionary case management software tool has been developed specifically for the disability management industry. BCMSpro takes technology beyond enabling optimal handling of a claim; it guides the user to take the best steps at the right times to achieve improved outcomes. BCMSpro is role-based, secure, bi-lingual, and customizable. This tool removes complexity from the day-to-day work. Like other Banyan products, it is easily and securely accessed through authorized remote desktop applications.

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Service include:

  • Advanced analytics for immediate insight into critical key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Customizable templates with autopopulating features reduce errors and improve efficiency
  • System-generated tasks reinforce and drive best practices, supporting superior quality
  • Control/governance practices
  • Countless filtering options and real-time reporting highlight opportunities, save time and optimize outcomes
  • Single repository of current and archived work for quick access
  • Flex-properties feature supports ability to add new services and data points to meet continuously changing business needs
  • Web-based environment eliminates need for inefficient and expensive paper-based operations
  • Seamless integration with other platforms (including financial and HR software)
  • Innovative design allows flexibility beyond any other product in the market