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Personalized Medicine

Pharmacogenetics combines pharmacology with genetic information to help identify the most appropriate drug to treat an individual based on his or her genetic makeup. Over the last decade, clinical pharmacogenetics (PGx) research has made significant progress in defining the genetic variations that influence inter-patient variability in drug response.

The recent availability of high-quality multiplex genetic testing makes PGx-guided optimization of medication therapy financially feasible at the population level.

Pillcheck™ is a drug response test like no other. By combining a pharmacogenetic test with gene analysis software,  Pillcheck™ uses your genetic information to identify how well your body absorbs and metabolizes specific drugs. This test does not inform about disease predisposition.

Pillcheck™ enables the translation of genetic laboratory test results into actionable prescribing decisions for specific drugs. Pillcheck™ is a clinical decision platform designed for scalability; it can:

  • Reduce the learning curve for healthcare providers
  • Support a variety of genotyping and sequencing technologies
  • Facilitate cost-effective mass scale delivery of pharmacogenetics by clinical diagnostic laboratories
  • Enable cost-effective mass scale delivery of reports to healthcare providers

Pillcheck™ can facilitate coordination of care by integrating test results in the Electronic Medical Records and Pharmacy Information Systems through standardized HL7 integration.


Personalized Medicine Is Here

PillCheck™ is based on a simple cheek swab (your own DNA), and results in a report that will provide you and your physician with insight into your best drug matches/dosages based on your individual metabolic uptake. The report covers three major areas including mental health, cardiovascular and pain management. If you are struggling to find the right medication to support improved medical management and back to work efforts, call us today and we’ll get you started.

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