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Mental Health

Resolution Rates in the 80th Percentile

Mental Health

Mental health-related claims have been rising steadily over the past decade (Dabboussy , Maria and Uppal, Sharanjit. 2012). Mental health claims present a plethora of complex and sensitive issues, at times requiring sophisticated management.

Banyan recognizes that being engaged in work is a significant contributor to one’s overall health and longevity, a notion that is now well-supported in the literature (Waddell, Christian).  For 20 years we have been specializing in complex case management and mental health-related factors have been a substantial contributor to those ‘complex claims’.  Banyan has long been at the forefront of helping to define best practices for complex claims management.  We boast a resolution rate in the 80th percentile for complex rehab case management, and work with clients in a wide range of industries and geographies.

At Banyan, mental health files referred for management are assigned to a specialized sub-group within Banyan who possess the necessary skills and knowledge of the resources, including elements such as:

  • Motivational interviewing (MI) skills
  • In-depth knowledge of medications and their therapeutic threshold levels to assist in flagging sub-optimal pharmacological management
  • Rapid access to consulting psychiatry services and pharmacogenetics testing (Pillcheck)
  • Easy access to Work Ready CBT & Workplace Conflict Resolution services & Stay-at-Work (SAW) service
  • Specialized interventions, training and consultative support specifically aimed at supporting employers, an important stakeholder in successful return-to-work.
  • Extensive metrics reporting to enable a constant eye on analysis of the data; a critical dynamic element in ensuring best in class service delivery.

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