Banyan Work Health Solutions has merged with Disability Management Institute (DMI)! We'll be known as DMI going forward. Services currently offered by Banyan will continue to be offered, without interruption, through DMI, including rehabilitation and speciality services, and coaching and training.
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Stay-at-Work Program

Stay-at-Work Services

Banyan’s Stay-at-Work services offer practical support for employers dealing with situations in which an employee’s health may be impacting their ability to perform at work, and in which this may even lead to absence. Understanding the employer’s duty to accommodate and other employment laws is critical in the effective management of these situations. The employer faces additional complexities in light of legislative limitations in accessing personal medical information.

Our Stay-at-Work services provide innovative solutions to assist employees to remain productive and engaged, and will:


Prevent or mimimize unnecessary absence


Dramatically reduce absence duration and associated costs


Reduce LTD claims and premiums


Improve employee engagement

We offer your managers and employees immediate help to support stay-at-work. We work with you to structure a solid program that gives strong consideration to workplace accommodation and includes a suite of confidential support services needed for success.

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