Banyan Work Health Solutions has merged with Disability Management Institute (DMI)! We'll be known as DMI going forward. Services currently offered by Banyan will continue to be offered, without interruption, through DMI, including rehabilitation and speciality services, and coaching and training.
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International Leaders in Disability Management

Since its inception, Banyan has had a strong commitment to innovation.  In an industry where change materializes slowly Banyan has sought to bring a fresh perspective to managing disability.  Maria Vandenhurk founded the company on an uncommon philosophy; work is healthy and given suitable opportunities, people collecting disability benefits would rather work. Her vision challenged industry norms, showed unprecedented innovation and gained the results needed to influence change.

Banyan subsequently successfully pioneered an entirely new way of looking at disability management and in the process shifted the way insurance companies assessed their corporate spend.  Banyan has long been recognized for embracing and introducing new solutions including such advancement as the application of predictive analytics to disability management, the use of pharmacogenetics, the introduction of Focused CBT to Canada and the design/build of a series of software platforms.

Maria has published several articles in leading industry magazines such as Canadian Underwriter and Benefits Canada sharing her expertise in the field of outcome-based disability management including the facilitation of round table discussions on disability in the U.S. She conducts regular public speaking engagements nationally and internationally and has developed an e-learning series on insurance concepts relevant to outcome based disability management.  Banyan leaders are regular guest speaker in the industry lending their visionary insights to the field of disability claims management.

In 2010, Maria Vandenhurk was selected as a finalist for the coveted RBC Momentum award in central Canada

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Medications are not ‘one-size-fits-all’. geneyouin’s PillCheck™ drug response test provides insight into how your body processes medications, so that you and your doctor will know exactly what drug at what dose is the safest and most effective for you. The PillCheck drug response test identifies your response to over 55 medications for which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends genetic testing, and it all begins with a simple cheek swab.

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PillCheck is designed to assist clinicians in selecting medications for individuals based on objective, evidence-based genomic information and consensus clinical guidelines provided by the Clinical Pharmacogenetic Implementation Consortium (CPIC).

The PillCheck test can:

  • Inform the individual if they carry genetic variations that affect the way their body processes medication.
  • Identify incompatible medications that may cause severe side effects.
  • Determine which medication that will work best and be safest for the individual.


Moving forward, having access to sources of Big Data, along with predictive modeling and analysis to determine the right health and DM variables, supported by the right information technology will be critical to an effective claims operation. Advanced segmentation that relies in large measure on analytics and technology to match files with particular characteristics to the optimal case management approach will form the bedrock for a solid claims operation.

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By enacting workflows that automate the processing of simple claims, ensuring adjudicative and other basic issues are dealt with via monitoring of standard claims handling process, and taking an overall holistic and specialized-services approach to complex files, organizations can achieve a new level of efficiency with improved outcomes and a better experience for all stakeholders involved. Customized technological capabilities embedded with predictive analytics are will undoubtedly become critical for claims operations seeking to meet the challenges of today’s resource-constrained DM environments.

To review Banyan’s White Paper on Auto-Segmentation, see Whitepaper – Evolving Disability Claims Management in the Era of Big Data – 24Nov2014

Work Ready CBT Program (WR-CBT)

The Banyan Work Ready CBT program has been developed using evidence based practices by leading international researchers. The program is 8-weeks in duration and focuses on the treatment of mental health disorder(s) concurrently with return to work. CBT sessions are time limited and structured based on international protocols. The treatment is multimodal, including in-person sessions, goal specific homework, physical reactivation, and on-line documentation of progress. The program is offered nationally, through a consistent protocol, in English and French languages. The Work Ready CBT program enables clients to achieve return to work by encouraging independence and self-reliance through education, problem solving techniques, positive regard and value of work. The clients’ active participation in goal setting and return to work is emphasized

Early Intervention Tool

Atworkpro: This absence tracking and reporting tool uses state-of-the-art techniques to track and report all workplace absences and incidents that directly impact your bottom line.

Via a web portal set up on your intranet, you have the capability to allow a one stop shop to effectively and efficiently manage report and track all absences. The portal is developed including both user level access and roles based on permissions (i.e. Human Resources Representative, Supervisor, Senior Manager and/or Delegate)

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