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Banyan personnel, Kim Zinck (Director, Claims) and Lisa Kallay (Manager, Insurer Services) attended the Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) conference in Edmonton, AB on May 10-13, 2016.

“The conference has been a valuable experience this year.  We were particularly pleased to see the CLHIA incorporate a heightened focus on anti-fraud,” said Kim Zinck. “It speaks directly to the predictive analytics that Banyan has a leading role in providing to its customers to support pro-active intervention strategies.”

Lisa Kallay added, “From a claims operations perspective, it was refreshing to meet with industry leaders around innovation in claims management.  We had many visitors interested in our work with personalized medicine – Pillcheck™.  Banyan has partnered to developed a process to support case management initiatives in more effectively targeting factors contributing to STD and LTD durations.”

Banyan is a disability management leader in technology-enabled complex case management, proactive interventions and predictive analytics.

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