Banyan Work Health Solutions has merged with Disability Management Institute (DMI)! We'll be known as DMI going forward. Services currently offered by Banyan will continue to be offered, without interruption, through DMI, including rehabilitation and speciality services, and coaching and training.
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The Conference Board of Canada is renowned for the quality of its research in a variety of areas. Banyan is proud to have been a part of the latest research initiatives into absence and disability management.  Please find final research reports by selecting the links below.

Research reports in English :

Absent Workers Cost the Canadian Economy Billions

Creating an Effective Workplace Disability Management Program

Disability Management

Missing in Action


Research reports in French :

Les Employés Absents Coûtent Des Milliards à Léconomie Canadienne

Gérer L’invalidité

Quand les employés manquent l’appel 


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